Best Internet Resources for Tracking Hurricane Sandy and Staying Safe

Our favorite links for avoiding hurricane scams, tracking Hurricane Sandy and protecting yourself and your family: Internet Scambusters #516

Internet Resources for Hurricane Sandy

Our hearts go out to everyone who is being affected by Hurricane Sandy. We hope you and your loved ones stay safe.

Today’s issue is different. We decided that the most helpful thing we can do today is send you some of the best links we’ve found regarding the hurricane. These resources and articles are quite varied — we hope you find them useful.

Hurricane Sandy Hits the Internet: How to Track, Watch, and Stay Safe This is our favorite site because it has some excellent links and updates. Be sure to scroll down the page.

Hurricane Sandy Crisis Map From Google Track the storm’s current position, as well as separate layers with important info.

Hurricane Sandy Will Flood Northeast with Disaster Scams: How to Avoid Them Scammers always prey on people in need whenever there is a disaster. Protect yourself. Here’s a good list of how to avoid getting scammed by the Hurricane Sandy scams already out there.

Some Tips for Staying in Touch During Hurricane Sandy How to prepare and stay in touch if you lose power.

Hurricane Hackers on Twitter Hurricane Hackers is a hashtag on Twitter (i.e., #hurricanehackers) for tech and social projects related to Hurricane Sandy.

Emergency Preparedness: How to Prepare for a Very Quick Getaway It may be too late to do some of these recommendations now, but we wanted to share this link with you since it’s not too late to take some of this advice.

Stay Scam-Free Through Disasters Here are 10 emergency preparedness tips to help you and your family prepare for disasters.

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