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Hackers Target Networks Via Fax Machines

How your fax machine can be a gateway to your network for cyber crooks: Internet Scambusters #835 Fax machines may seem like old-fashioned technology but there are still 17 million of them in use in the United States today. And every one of them potentially has a security weakness that could allow hackers into your […]

Job Starters Tricked into Buying Gift Cards for Fake Boss

Snippets issue highlights new gift card, paycheck diversion, Uber and grants scams: Internet Scambusters #834 We have sneaky tricks galore, including a nasty gift card scam for new employees, in this week’s Snippets Issue. Plus, we’ll tell you about a tactic Uber ride-sharing drivers allegedly use to trick passengers into canceling their booking but paying […]

Call Spoofing: Why You Should Never Trust Caller ID

Watch out for this new Social Security call spoofing scam: Internet Scambusters #833 Call spoofing — a trick scammers use to hide their phone identity and pretend to be someone else — now accounts for around half of all incoming calls, according to some observers. By fooling victims into believing the call is from someone […]

Cryptojacking Overtakes Ransomware as Number 1 Computer Threat

Crooks use cryptojacking to take over PCs for digital currency “mining”: Internet Scambusters #832 Although it sounds highly technical – and, in a way it is – cryptojacking is actually a dead simple way for crooks to make money using other people’s computers. The crime involves hijacking PCs into a network of compromised machines and […]

Email Compromise Scams Cost Us Billions Every Year

Real estate tricks account for biggest chunk of email compromise scams: Internet Scambusters #831 Email compromise scams – the term sounds complicated but they’re just a nasty way of tricking people into redirecting huge sums of money into to the hands of crooks. And they’re costing a fortune to people involved, particularly in the real […]

Why That Warranty You Bought Might Be Worthless

Extended warranty offers are really a money-spinning deal for sellers: Internet Scambusters #830 Is buying an extended warranty or service contract a waste of money? It could be, if the warranty firm uses get-out clauses to avoid paying or if the deal is an out-and-out scam. We’ll tell you why you should think twice about […]

Deep Fake Videos Threaten Turmoil for all Users

How deep fake technology makes phony videos look real: Internet Scambusters #829 As the name implies, “deep fake” videos are phony online videos that are so good most people would be taken in by them. This is a looming threat to every one of us who uses the Internet as a source of information – […]

Secret Society Invitation is Just a Book-Selling Marketing Trick

Snippets issue investigates secret society scams, fake Facebook lottos, and a new phishing trick: Internet Scambusters #828 It all sounds mysterious and intriguing: Join our secret society and get rich quick. But this invitation, which usually arrives by snail-mail and implies you’ve been specially selected to join an elite group, is just a front to […]

No-Cost Credit Freezes Step Up Battle to Beat ID Thieves

New federal law makes credit freezes free and easier to get: Internet Scambusters #827 Placing a credit freeze and a fraud alert with the big three credit scoring and reporting agencies are your first line of defense if your confidential personal and financial information are stolen by ID thieves. And now a change in the […]

Nigerian Scam Gangs Operate Like the Mafia

7 things you must do to sidestep the new Nigeran scam artists: Internet Scambusters #826 If you thought Nigerian scams were a thing of the past, we have bad news for you, Not only are they still active, but they’re now in the hands of organized crime groups who are raking in billions of dollars. […]