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Don’t Let Fake Reviews Trick You

7 ways to spot and sidestep fake reviews: Internet Scambusters #778 It’s a fair bet that, for some products at least, there are more fake reviews online than there are genuine opinions. But how do you sort the scam reviews from valuable genuine opinions about something you’re considering buying? We’ll give you the lowdown in […]

Crooks Ramping Up New Medicare Card Scam

7 tips for avoiding new Medicare card tricksters: Internet Scambusters #777 New Medicare cards and numbers will be issued to 57 million Americans in the coming 18 months as part of an attempt to cut Social Security number identity theft. But, although the cards will be free and automatically issued, scammers are trying to trick […]

FBI Issues Warning About Fake Student Jobs

Bogus student jobs are just one of thousands of scams costing $1.3 billion: Internet Scambusters #776 Phony student jobs are just one of thousands of crimes reported to the FBI and costing $1.3 billion every year. In this week’s issue, we’ll explain how to avoid the latest student work scam, and highlight the main issues […]

ID Crooks Target Cell Phone Number Theft

Thousands hit every year by phone number theft: Internet Scambusters #775 In the world of identity thieves, phone number theft is the latest thing. These crooks trick phone service providers into switching victims’ phone numbers to the scammer’s own devices. This week, we’ll explain how this scam works and what you can do to minimize […]

Fake Update Ad Leads to Skype Malware Attack

Latest scam threats on Skype video and messaging service: Internet Scambusters #774 Most of us have used or at least know about the popular video and messaging app Skype. But how many know how easy it is to fall victim to a Skype scam using either the service or its name? We’ll tell you about […]

Protect Your Cash From Fake Check Scams

5 common tricks used by fake check scammers: Internet Scambusters #773 Bankers say that fake checks are one of the biggest sources of consumer fraud today. Even though legitimate check usage is on the decline, forgery scams are not. In this week’s issue, we’ll tell you the five most common sources of fake checks and […]

How eBay Scammers Find Their Targets

eBay scams update — latest tricks and security tactics: Internet Scambusters #772 eBay has revolutionized the way we buy and sell stuff, whether used or new. But it’s also a target for scammers, who know how to spot their quarry. We’ll give you the lowdown on their latest techniques and tactics in this week’s issue. […]

Should You Store Your Credit Card Details Online?

Is credit card security at risk when you allow stores to keep your details? : Internet Scambusters #771 Can 94 million of us be wrong? That’s how many Americans store their credit card details with online retailers. But the more we do that, the more risks we face of having our financial info stolen or […]

What to Do About the Equifax Data Breach

How to find out if you’re a victim of the Equifax data breach: Internet Scambusters #770 The Equifax data breach, in which 143 million records were mined by hackers for highly confidential financial and personal information, has caused an outrage. But, in practical terms, what do you need to do to learn if you’re affected? […]

7 Things You Must Do to Prevent Smartphone Hacking

Flood of smartphone hacking attacks on the way: Internet Scambusters #769 Since most of us now use our cell phones as the most convenient way of getting online, it’s hardly surprising that smartphone hacking is on the rise. And what the hackers who take over your phone can do may surprise and alarm you. We’ll […]