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7 Things You Must Do to Prevent Smartphone Hacking

Flood of smartphone hacking attacks on the way: Internet Scambusters #769 Since most of us now use our cell phones as the most convenient way of getting online, it’s hardly surprising that smartphone hacking is on the rise. And what the hackers who take over your phone can do may surprise and alarm you. We’ll […]

5 Easy Steps to Router Security

Increasing router security is not as tough as you may think: Internet Scambusters #768 Got a router? So, what do you know about router security? In this week’s issue, we’ll explain in simple terms how to make that little device that runs your home network do its job more securely. It’s not as tough as […]

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Scams and More Tricks Targeting Small Firms

Small business special: Don’t fall for fake SEO deals: Internet Scambusters #767 It used to be that if you wanted your small business to rank higher on Google and other Internet searches, you brought in a search engine optimization (SEO) specialist who’d deliver you on the front page of searches. But the wizards behind these […]

“Pay-to-Meet” Casting Workshop May Be a Scam

Casting workshop warning for would-be actors: Internet Scambusters #766 Casting workshops, which give budding actors a chance to sharpen their skills, may be overstepping the rules on what they charge for. In some cases, they infringe on state and actors’ union rules by charging for the opportunity to audition, as we explain in this week’s […]

New Phishing Trick That’s Almost “Impossible to Spot”

Latest phishing scams use clever text and character tactics: Internet Scambusters #765 Phishing provides a direct line to identify theft — by fooling victims into giving away their account sign-on details. Now, crooks have found new ways to conceal the fake websites they use to steal that information. We’ll give you the details, along with […]

Line of Credit Applicants Fall Victim to Scams

Snippets issue: Line of credit, duct cleaning and latest ID theft scams: Internet Scambusters #764 A line of credit is supposed to be a low-cost way of drawing on the equity tied up in your home. But the cost will be anything but low if you fall for the scam we outline in this week’s […]

Don’t be Fooled by “FDA Approved” Claims

What does “FDA approved” really mean?: Internet Scambusters #763 Just because a product you’re buying says “FDA approved” doesn’t always mean it is. And even if the approval is genuine, that doesn’t necessarily mean the product is safe. You can’t even trust some claims made in certain prescription drug ads, as we explain in this […]

Theft Risks from 3 New Microsoft Office Scams

Tech support tricksters employ new Office scam: Internet Scambusters #762 Microsoft Office is probably the most popular piece of Windows productivity software, so it’s no wonder that it’s also the source of a rash of new Office scams. In this week’s issue, we outline three of the latest tricks — a bogus tech support virus, […]

Living Trust Mills Lead to Annuity Scams

Living trust mills are just a front for dubious insurance product sales: Internet Scambusters #761 Living trusts are supposed to be a way of simplifying and protecting your assets and savings for your descendants after you die. But some unscrupulous salespeople use them as a front to trick victims into unsuitable investments that pay the […]

Free Bill Pay Offer is a Fee Scam

Latest fake bill pay, eBay, tech support and ID theft scams: Internet Scambusters #760 Free but fake bill payment programs, crooks using the name of eBay to gain a veneer of respectability, and a new approach to tech support scams — we’ve got them all in this week’s Snippets issue. We’ll also tell you about […]