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Job Scammers Step Up Their Game

Convincing interviews, realistic profiles strengthen job scammers’ tactics: Internet Scambusters #749 You don’t have to be an easy mark or gullible to fall for a job scam these days. Crooks have learned from the past on how to make their schemes more convincing — and they’re prepared to invest time in courting their potential victims. […]

This Lead-in-Water Check is a Scam

Snippets issue highlights lead-in-water, movie money, bogus arts grants and inventor scams: Internet Scambusters #748 Reports of thieves posing as lead-in-water experts on door-to-door visits head up our Snippets issue this week. We also have reports on realistic-looking movie money being used for Craigslist purchases, bogus grants being offered to artists — for a fee […]

Predatory Publishing Scams Cost Authors Thousands

Academics and other specialist writers targeted by predatory publishing firms: Internet Scambusters #747 Predatory publishing is the term for a nasty scam currently targeting academics and other professionals. Firms solicit articles for specialist online publications and then charge the authors hundreds or even thousands of dollars for actually publishing them. In this week’s issue, we […]

Don’t Fall for These 5 Common TV Scams

Latest TV scams offer too-good-to-be true deals: Internet Scambusters #746 Consumers’ relationships with their television sets make them a popular target for TV scams. From fake subscription offers to non-existent TVs in smart packaging, the tricksters have many ways to snare their victims. In this week’s issue, we highlight the 5 most common tricks and […]

Angler Phishing Scams Reel In Stolen IDs

ID thieves use angler phishing scam on social networks: Internet Scambusters #745 Angler phishing is the latest ploy being used by scammers on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. They pose as customer service reps following up complaints and convince victims to hand over confidential information, as we explain in this week’s issue. We also […]

When “Natural Flavor” Is Not What You Thought

Read food labels to avoid being tricked by natural flavor claims: Internet Scambusters #744 Claims that a food product is “natural” or that it contains “natural flavors,” could make you think, for instance, that breakfast syrup with natural flavor contains maple syrup. But that isn’t necessarily the case, and the use of this term could […]

Watch Out for These Kidnap, Killer and Facebook Scams

Scammers use online audio tracks to mimic kidnap victims: Internet Scambusters #743 Suppose someone told you they’d kidnapped your child and then you could clearly hear their voice in the background. You could be to blame for giving these crooks the evidence they need to make their fake crime seem authentic, as we explain in […]

5 Scams Set to Trap Ancestry Hunters

How scammers can take you down the wrong ancestry path: Internet Scambusters #742 Forget about Sherlock. Real-life detective adventures are available for anyone trying to uncover their ancestry. And as in any good mystery plot, villains are lurking around every corner waiting to trick family historians into handing over their money for little or nothing […]

Fake Shopping Apps Fool Thousands of Consumers Every Day

Scammers launch phony shopping apps posing as top name brands and stores: Internet Scambusters #741 Everyone’s doing it these days – using shopping apps on their smart phones to make purchases. But not all retailers have their own apps. So, scammers have stepped in and set up fake ones in their place. We’ll explain what […]

Mail Fraudsters Net a Fortune

New campaign aims to highlight ongoing mail fraud risks: Internet Scambusters #740 Postal scams and mail fraud were around long before the Internet – and they’re still here. But new campaigns and initiatives aim to target the crooks behind these schemes and bring them to justice. In this week’s issue, we’ll explain some of the […]