Tax Scams: What to Expect in 2019

Transcript trick heads up latest deluge of tax scams: Internet Scambusters #840 Tax scams have become a year-round affair, increasing in intensity as we near the first deadline for filing in 2019. As well as looking out for the usual crop of scams — which the IRS calls the “Dirty Dozen” — taxpayers should also […]

Scams Hide Behind IV Drip Craze

Experts question value of IV drip lounges: Internet Scambusters #839 Bodily infusions of vitamins and enhanced water via IV drips have become something of a craze, driven by celebrity users. While some of these “treatments” may perform no better than a glass of water and a vitamin pill, others — or at least the claims […]

Dubious Military Career Sites Used to Generate Sales Leads

FTC alleges firms promote military careers when they’re really selling college places: Internet Scambusters #838 Whether you’re just starting to look for a military career or you’re reaching the end of one, you could end up being misled and out of pocket. Marketing firms are being criticized for using questionable tactics to harvest and sell […]

Undetectable Fileless Malware Threatens Businesses and Consumers

Most security software can’t detect fileless malware attacks, so what can you do?: Internet Scambusters #837 Fileless malware is one of the biggest challenges facing security software vendors — because they can’t detect it. Right now, it’s a growing threat to businesses but consumers could be next in the scammers’ sights. So, what is fileless […]

Imposter Fraud Leads Top Scams Table

Imposters led our top scams list for 2018 but what’s ahead for 2019?: Internet Scambusters #836 Scam artists spend much of their evil lives pretending to be someone they’re not, so it’s no surprise that imposter fraud heads up our annual review of top scams for 2018. But will it be the same in 2019? […]

Hackers Target Networks Via Fax Machines

How your fax machine can be a gateway to your network for cyber crooks: Internet Scambusters #835 Fax machines may seem like old-fashioned technology but there are still 17 million of them in use in the United States today. And every one of them potentially has a security weakness that could allow hackers into your […]

Job Starters Tricked into Buying Gift Cards for Fake Boss

Snippets issue highlights new gift card, paycheck diversion, Uber and grants scams: Internet Scambusters #834 We have sneaky tricks galore, including a nasty gift card scam for new employees, in this week’s Snippets Issue. Plus, we’ll tell you about a tactic Uber ride-sharing drivers allegedly use to trick passengers into canceling their booking but paying […]

Call Spoofing: Why You Should Never Trust Caller ID

Watch out for this new Social Security call spoofing scam: Internet Scambusters #833 Call spoofing — a trick scammers use to hide their phone identity and pretend to be someone else — now accounts for around half of all incoming calls, according to some observers. By fooling victims into believing the call is from someone […]

Cryptojacking Overtakes Ransomware as Number 1 Computer Threat

Crooks use cryptojacking to take over PCs for digital currency “mining”: Internet Scambusters #832 Although it sounds highly technical – and, in a way it is – cryptojacking is actually a dead simple way for crooks to make money using other people’s computers. The crime involves hijacking PCs into a network of compromised machines and […]

Email Compromise Scams Cost Us Billions Every Year

Real estate tricks account for biggest chunk of email compromise scams: Internet Scambusters #831 Email compromise scams – the term sounds complicated but they’re just a nasty way of tricking people into redirecting huge sums of money into to the hands of crooks. And they’re costing a fortune to people involved, particularly in the real […]