5 Utility Scams and Where You’re Most Likely to Encounter Them

Overdue bill threats and phony financial aid offers among the most common utility scams: Internet Scambusters #758 Since most of us rely on utility companies for one or more services, it’s no surprise that crooks use them to pull off a number of different utility scams. In this week’s issue, we’ll tell you about the […]

Hidden Fees Are Costing Us Billions

5 actions you can take to cut the risk of being legally overcharged through hidden fees: Internet Scambusters #757 Hidden fees could be costing you an extra 25% on your phone and cable bills. But that’s only part of the story. Unexpected charges now come as a nasty surprise on all sorts of bills — […]

Travel Scammers’ Latest Tricks — in China, India, New York and Beyond

Taxis are a favorite vehicle for travel scam artists: Internet Scambusters #756 In the second part of our 2017 Travel Scams round up this week, we have the lowdown on the latest tricks you might encounter on the streets of China, India, and New York. We’ll tell you how to spot the scams and what […]

Travel Scammers Switch to New Tactics

New travel scam techniques target the unwary traveler: Internet Scambusters #755 Travel scam artists know you could be on to them, so they constantly refresh their tactics to try to catch you out. And, if they succeed, you could end up losing a lot more than your money, as we explain in Part 1 of […]

Can You Trust Your Facebook Friends?

Facebook Friends scam uses cloned pages to trap unwary users: Internet Scambusters #754 In the ever-changing world of social media scams, Facebook Friends are being targeted in the latest con trick. But it’s easy to hide your Friends list, as we explain in this week’s issue. We also have the lowdown on other currently active […]

Amazon Scammers Bombard Marketplace Shoppers

Up to 100 fraudulent accounts being set up every day in Amazon scam onslaught: Internet Scambusters #753 Amazon scams involving third party sellers are running at an alarming rate. Up to 100 fraudulent accounts are being created every day on the Internet retailer’s Marketplace service that allows independent sellers to set up shop on its […]

Cash for Keys Squatters Hold Homes for Ransom

Snippets issue highlights cash for keys, ID theft and new fake jewelry scams: Internet Scambusters #752 Imagine preparing to move into a new home, only to find someone already living there and refusing to move out until you give them cash for keys. That’s what’s happening to buyers who purchase homes out of foreclosure, but […]

Smart Toys Pose Threat to Child Privacy and Security

Some smart toys record what your kids say, others are open to hacking: Internet Scambusters #751 Interactive smart toys are a great way to educate and entertain children. But some of them may be “smarter” than you think — by recording what your kids say and sending the conversations back to the toymaker without your […]

How Rent-to-Own Deals Can Lead to a Scam

Important steps you should take to check out rent-to-own programs: Internet Scambusters #750 Rent-to-own deals, in which would-be homebuyers get a chance to purchase the home they’re renting, sound great on the surface. But because the people who opt to use them are relatively inexperienced in the real-estate market, they’re a sitting target for scammers. […]

Job Scammers Step Up Their Game

Convincing interviews, realistic profiles strengthen job scammers’ tactics: Internet Scambusters #749 You don’t have to be an easy mark or gullible to fall for a job scam these days. Crooks have learned from the past on how to make their schemes more convincing — and they’re prepared to invest time in courting their potential victims. […]