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Cryptocurrency Scammers Trade on Investor Ignorance

Learn how to spot new cryptocurrency swindles: Internet Scambusters #817 Cryptocurrency investment is the next big money-making opportunity — or so we’re told. But plowing your cash into this digital currency market is fraught with dangers, notably the risk of being badly burnt in a fraudulent initial coin offering (ICO). In this week’s issue, we […]

“Stolen” Ruse Behind Blocked Phones

Snippets issue focuses on blocked phones, Best Buy support scam and buried treasure con trick: Internet Scambusters #816 You bought it online for a bargain price but months later you’re stuck with a blocked phone. The reason: the seller claimed an insurance payout, saying the phone had been stolen, as we explain in this week’s […]

Don’t Let This Scam Spike Your Career Advancement Ambitions

Focus on latest job scams and fake career advancement grants: Internet Scambusters #815 A career advancement grant to improve your professional skills sound like a perfect deal — but not if it’s just a way of stealing your personal information. It’s just the latest trick in a series of new job-related scams that includes an […]

Slack-Fill: How You’re Tricked into Believing Big is Better

“Slack-fill” — the posh name for pumping air into your potato chip bags!: Internet Scambusters #814 You may not have heard of slack-filling, but it’s a part of everyday life for consumers and the products we buy. It’s the term manufacturers use to explain why their packages are often much bigger than the products inside […]

Do You Need a VPN (Virtual Private Network) for Your Internet Safety?

Your non-tech explanation of what a VPN is and how to get one: Internet Scambusters #813 Virtual private networks, VPNs for short, are one of the simplest ways of protecting your Internet security. But what is a VPN and what should you take into account when finding and installing one? In this week’s issue, we’ll […]

FBI Issues Online Car Sales Scam Alert

Watch for these online car sales red flags: Internet Scambusters #812 Fraudulent online car sales are costing Americans more than $15 million a year and have prompted almost 27,000 complaints to law enforcement in the past few years. Yet, by following a few simple precautions, you can eliminate the risk of being caught out by […]

Free App Trick Targets Movie Maker Users

Snippets issue highlights video editing free app, gas station Bluetooth hackers and fake digital signature emails: Internet Scambusters #811 Free apps that really cost you good money, Bluetooth pirates, and fake DocuSign emails — we’ve got them all covered in this week’s Snippets issue. We’ll explain how to avoid the scammers behind these tricks and, […]

Impostor Scams Now Costing Americans $328 Million a Year

FTC reports impostor scams are now the most expensive fraud in the United States: Internet Scambusters #810 Impostors — scammers posing as friends, family, law enforcement, and debt collectors — are costing Americans a fortune; more, in fact than any other type of fraud. But that’s still only the tip of a scamming iceberg, according […]

Securities Regulators Warn of Increasing Promissory Note Scams

Promissory notes among top worries for state investment regulators: Internet Scambusters #809 Investors are still chasing dubious high interest rate deals like promissory notes, real estate schemes, Ponzi schemes, and oil/gas investments. That’s the warning from state securities regulators in a recent survey. And there are more investment scams to come from cryptocurrencies and ID […]

Combosquatting — A New Fake Web Page Scam that Can Fool Experts

Combosquatting trick is 100 times more potent than earlier web page scams: Internet Scambusters #808 Combosquatting — combining a real email address with just another single word to lure users to fake web pages — is a roaring success for scammers. Millions of new domains using the trick have been set up and some top […]