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Impostor Scams Now Costing Americans $328 Million a Year

FTC reports impostor scams are now the most expensive fraud in the United States: Internet Scambusters #810 Impostors — scammers posing as friends, family, law enforcement, and debt collectors — are costing Americans a fortune; more, in fact than any other type of fraud. But that’s still only the tip of a scamming iceberg, according […]

Securities Regulators Warn of Increasing Promissory Note Scams

Promissory notes among top worries for state investment regulators: Internet Scambusters #809 Investors are still chasing dubious high interest rate deals like promissory notes, real estate schemes, Ponzi schemes, and oil/gas investments. That’s the warning from state securities regulators in a recent survey. And there are more investment scams to come from cryptocurrencies and ID […]

Combosquatting — A New Fake Web Page Scam that Can Fool Experts

Combosquatting trick is 100 times more potent than earlier web page scams: Internet Scambusters #808 Combosquatting — combining a real email address with just another single word to lure users to fake web pages — is a roaring success for scammers. Millions of new domains using the trick have been set up and some top […]

Is Your DNA Test Data Accurate and Safe?

Digestive Problems? Before we get started today, we wanted to let you know about an exciting new event we are sponsoring: the Healthy Gut Experts Summit 2.0. Healthy Gut Experts Summit 1.0 was an enormous success. In fact, 98.6% of the attendees surveyed said they’d recommend it to their friends and family! Healthy Gut Experts […]

Dog Lovers Fall Victim to Pet Leasing Scam

How you could lose your dog — and your credit reputation — in this pet leasing scam: Internet Scambusters #806 Animal lovers who can’t afford to buy a pet they’ve fallen in love with are being tricked into signing a pet leasing agreement. They unknowingly end up paying a fortune to effectively only rent the […]

Paying Twice for Room Service? It Must be a Travel Scam

More hotel tricks in Part 2 of our travel scams 2018 round-up: Internet Scambusters #805 In Part 2 of our travel scams special, we’ve got more inside news about the tricks some crooks play to extract money from hotel customers. They include double charging from room service, using skimming devices to steal credit card details, […]

Before You Vacation: Learn About these Travel Scams

Crazy horses, fake websites, phony scratchcards and latest hotel tricks in our annual travel scams roundup: Internet Scambusters #804 Reporting on travel scams has become an annual ritual here at Scambusters. And we never cease to be amazed at the ingenuity of crooks, whether they’re creating fake websites, overcharging for hotels, and finding other ways […]

Try Your Luck at the Carnival — But Don’t Expect to Win

Scientist explains why carnival games odds are stacked against you: Internet Scambusters #803 Carnival games are fun. And we should think of them as just that. Because many of them are impossible to win and some are out-and-out scams, according to scientists Mark Rober. In this week’s issue, we outline the findings of the ex-NASA […]

Vanity Galleries Charging Thousands to “Exhibit” Work

New warning to photographers and artists about vanity galleries scam: Internet Scambusters #802 “Vanity galleries” — it’s the perfect term to describe online and brick-and-mortar sites that offer to “exhibit” your photographs and art for a fee. They play on individuals’ desires to be recognized for their creative work — and their willingness to pay […]

Copy and Paste Plea Exposes Your Identity

Why you should be wary of Facebook copy and paste requests: Internet Scambusters #801 What crosses your mind when a Facebook friend asks you to copy and paste their post rather than just sharing it? Their intention may be a genuine attempt to widen the spread of their message — but there’s also a downside […]