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Crooks Use Card Tumbling Programs to Guess Your Number

High speed card tumbling trick is latest route to credit card fraud: Internet Scambusters #788 Digestive Problems? Before we get started today, we wanted to let you know about an exciting new event we are sponsoring: the Healthy Gut Experts Summit. It’s a huge online event that is coming up very soon that’s all about […]

Confidential Customer Data Sold by Fake Loan Matching Sites

How loan matching scammers prey on the needs of desperate borrowers: Internet Scambusters #787 Loan matching works like many other online marketing sites — operators shop around for the best deal to suit applicants’ needs and credit records. Or at least that’s the way it’s supposed to be. But all too often would-be borrowers are […]

Why You Could Pay More Instead of Less at a Shutdown Sale

Check prices before buying at a shutdown sale: Internet Scambusters #786 When you enter a shutdown sale or an outlet mall store, don’t assume you’re getting a bargain. In fact, you could end up paying over the odds for a “sale” item or buying a branded product that’s not what it seems. In this week’s […]

Is Your “Business Coach” a Fake?

How would-be entrepreneurs lost a fortune to alleged phony business coaching services: Internet Scambusters #785 Business coaches are in big demand these days as more and more people look to start up their own firms or step up their business game. But how can you tell if the personal coach or online coaching service you’re […]

Ransomware and Data Breaches Head Up Top Scams Review

Top scam highlights of 2017 and predictions for 2018: Internet Scambusters #784 Almost out of the blue, ransomware swept into the higher reaches of annual review of top scams this year. Will it be more of the same in 2018 or are there other trends that scam-savvy consumers need to be aware of? We’ll tell […]

Pet Scams in Full Swing as Christmas Approaches

Shippers issue tips on how to spot pet scams: Internet Scambusters #783 Tens of thousands of animal lovers get caught out by pet scams every year. And, as Christmas approaches, the crooks are upping their game. But, with the help of a trade group representing pet shippers, we’re going to tell you how to spot […]

Don’t Get Ripped Off When You Sell Jewelry

Get to know what your gold jewelry is truly worth before selling: Internet Scambusters #782 Selling your valuable gold jewelry can be a risky business if it falls into the hands of crooked dealers. But if you need to sell, taking a few precautions can save you a lot of heartache — and money — […]

Cunning Scammers Use Voiceprint in Latest Grandparent Trick

Snippets issue spotlights latest grandparent and other imposter scams: Internet Scambusters #781 Just when you thought you knew everything there is to know about the well-known grandparent scam, crooks have come up with a clever new variation. We’ll give you the lowdown in this week’s Snippets issue, along with details of a trick targeting fast […]

Six Red Flags That Signal a New Startup is a Fake Investment

How startup scammers push their fake investment and job opportunities: Internet Scambusters #780 Phony startup businesses are the new model for fake investment and job opportunities. Big talkers pose as entrepreneurs to lure investors and job searchers into their lair, sometimes with no project substance at all or with half-baked, underfunded ideas that have no […]

Donation Plea, Vet Rebate, Latest What’s App Scams All Target ID Theft

Snippets issue spotlights phony donation plea and more ID theft scams: Internet Scambusters #779 Who wouldn’t want to make a donation to a campaign they feel really strongly about? That’s the hope of scammers pretending to be running a campaign to save U.S. Social Security payments, as we highlight in this week’s Snippets issue. We’ll […]