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Beware Dodgy Doctors Touting Stem Cell “Cures”

How desperation drives people to try dubious stem cell treatments: Internet Scambusters #818 Breakthroughs in the use of stem cells to treat seriously ill patients have led to all sorts of unproven claims about the effectiveness of some of the procedures. How do you know who to trust and who’s telling the truth? And now […]

Cryptocurrency Scammers Trade on Investor Ignorance

Learn how to spot new cryptocurrency swindles: Internet Scambusters #817 Cryptocurrency investment is the next big money-making opportunity — or so we’re told. But plowing your cash into this digital currency market is fraught with dangers, notably the risk of being badly burnt in a fraudulent initial coin offering (ICO). In this week’s issue, we […]

“Stolen” Ruse Behind Blocked Phones

Snippets issue focuses on blocked phones, Best Buy support scam and buried treasure con trick: Internet Scambusters #816 You bought it online for a bargain price but months later you’re stuck with a blocked phone. The reason: the seller claimed an insurance payout, saying the phone had been stolen, as we explain in this week’s […]

Don’t Let This Scam Spike Your Career Advancement Ambitions

Focus on latest job scams and fake career advancement grants: Internet Scambusters #815 A career advancement grant to improve your professional skills sound like a perfect deal — but not if it’s just a way of stealing your personal information. It’s just the latest trick in a series of new job-related scams that includes an […]

Slack-Fill: How You’re Tricked into Believing Big is Better

“Slack-fill” — the posh name for pumping air into your potato chip bags!: Internet Scambusters #814 You may not have heard of slack-filling, but it’s a part of everyday life for consumers and the products we buy. It’s the term manufacturers use to explain why their packages are often much bigger than the products inside […]

Do You Need a VPN (Virtual Private Network) for Your Internet Safety?

Your non-tech explanation of what a VPN is and how to get one: Internet Scambusters #813 Virtual private networks, VPNs for short, are one of the simplest ways of protecting your Internet security. But what is a VPN and what should you take into account when finding and installing one? In this week’s issue, we’ll […]

FBI Issues Online Car Sales Scam Alert

Watch for these online car sales red flags: Internet Scambusters #812 Fraudulent online car sales are costing Americans more than $15 million a year and have prompted almost 27,000 complaints to law enforcement in the past few years. Yet, by following a few simple precautions, you can eliminate the risk of being caught out by […]

Free App Trick Targets Movie Maker Users

Snippets issue highlights video editing free app, gas station Bluetooth hackers and fake digital signature emails: Internet Scambusters #811 Free apps that really cost you good money, Bluetooth pirates, and fake DocuSign emails — we’ve got them all covered in this week’s Snippets issue. We’ll explain how to avoid the scammers behind these tricks and, […]

Impostor Scams Now Costing Americans $328 Million a Year

FTC reports impostor scams are now the most expensive fraud in the United States: Internet Scambusters #810 Impostors — scammers posing as friends, family, law enforcement, and debt collectors — are costing Americans a fortune; more, in fact than any other type of fraud. But that’s still only the tip of a scamming iceberg, according […]

Securities Regulators Warn of Increasing Promissory Note Scams

Promissory notes among top worries for state investment regulators: Internet Scambusters #809 Investors are still chasing dubious high interest rate deals like promissory notes, real estate schemes, Ponzi schemes, and oil/gas investments. That’s the warning from state securities regulators in a recent survey. And there are more investment scams to come from cryptocurrencies and ID […]