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Copy and Paste Plea Exposes Your Identity

Why you should be wary of Facebook copy and paste requests: Internet Scambusters #801 What crosses your mind when a Facebook friend asks you to copy and paste their post rather than just sharing it? Their intention may be a genuine attempt to widen the spread of their message — but there’s also a downside […]

“Brushing” Scam Delivers Unwanted Products

How “brushing” tricksters create online demand for their products: Internet Scambusters #800 “Brushing” sounds like a perfectly innocent if somewhat tedious activity — but not if you’re a Chinese trickster looking to promote sales of certain products. For them, it’s a scam that involves sending unwanted and unpurchased products to unsuspecting consumers in the U.S. […]

Don’t Drink It! How to Avoid Fake Liquor Scams

Fake liquor tricks that could harm your health: Internet Scambusters #799 Fake liquor seems to be everywhere — bars, hotels, restaurants, convenience and grocery stores, even airport duty-free stores. It’s big business for the crooks but it could hurt your health as well as your pocket. In this week’s issue, we explain the risks, tell […]

States and FTC Unite to Fight Fake Student Loan Help

Operation Game of Loans launched to snare student loan help scammers: Internet Scambusters #798 Crooked firms have taken an estimated $95 million from Americans seeking student loan help with their debts. But now, state governments and the Federal Trade Commission have banded together to clamp down on the villains and educate students on where to […]

Is the CHEX Bank Account Monitoring Agency Watching You?

CHEX, the bank credit monitoring agency you may not know about: Internet Scambusters #797 Have you heard of CHEX? They’ve almost certainly heard of you! They’re the biggest of a group of agencies that monitor how you manage your bank account, assessing your wealth and providing their own credit score. But you can find what […]

Snippets: Deceptive “Organic” Claims, Amazon Phishing, Fake Funeral Extras and Gig Scams

Snippets issue highlights “organic mattress” claims: Internet Scambusters #796 The word “organic” is both widely misunderstood and misused in the retailing world, even when it comes to beds. In this week’s Snippets issue, we highlight dubious claims about “organic” mattresses and sound another warning about the use of this term. We also have news of […]

Use These Call Blocking Tactics to Halt Scammers

Your guide to call blocking technology for landlines and smartphones: Internet Scambusters #795 Since scammers largely ignore the Do Not Call registry, you have to use your own call-blocking tactics to keep them and their pesky calls out of your home. Fortunately, there are several ways of doing this, depending on your type of phone […]

Is Your Cell Phone Message Security at Risk?

Learn this little-known mobile message security process to safeguard confidential information: Internet Scambusters #794 Most of us don’t give a second thought to message security when we use our cell phones. But if you send confidential information by text, how can you be sure it’s being received by the right person and not a snooper? […]

Agencies Team Up to Fight Veterans Scams

AARP, Postal Inspectors and Federal Trade Commission launch campaigns to raise veterans’ awareness of scam risks: Internet Scambusters #793 Veterans and other service personnel are twice as likely to be scammed as non-veterans — often because their situations put them more at risk than the rest of us. In this week’s issue, we’ll outline two […]

Whistleblowing and Scam Reporting: Where to Find Help

Understand your rights and risks when whistleblowing on suspected scammers: Internet Scambusters #792 It’s fairly easy to finger online scammers when you encounter them; there’s a whole array of organizations waiting to hear from you. But whistleblowing — reporting fraudulent activities in your workplace — can be a whole lot riskier. In this week’s issue, […]