Lavasoft’s AdAware:

How good is AdAware at providing real time protection against spyware and other parasites?

Lavasoft’s AdAware

Almost everyone who’s ever tried to get rid of spyware is familiar with AdAware. In fact, Lavasoft’s free AdAware tool is one of the most popular antispyware utilities on the market.

Popular belief is that by combining AdAware with Spybot Search and Destroy, you are sure to have complete protection against all forms of spyware threats.

The basic security combination recommended by almost all IT specialists is:

(1) use up-to-date antivirus software

(2) have an effective firewall

(3) have reputable antispyware tools

(4) insure security patches are always current

(5) refrain from unsafe browsing habits or risky online behavior.

So, where does AdAware fit in on a cyber security plan?

For people not willing to spend money on these security features, AdAware has always been recommended.

AdAware is essential for free Internet security purposes.

In fact, the most popular free security protection software approaches are:

(1) Using Panda’s Active Scan to detect and remove virus threats.

(2) Using the free ZoneAlarm firewall to protect against hackers and stop unwanted intrusions.

(3) Running a combination of both Spybot S&D with AdAware to detect and remove adware, trojans, dialers, and other spyware threats.

(4) Having your operating system always on automatic update to insure new patches are installed on your computer before threats can reek havoc. And last but not least…

(5) “Never” ever downloading anything from an unreliable source or downloading anything that you are not expecting.

This is called the AdAware, spybot, Panda, Zone Alarm curtain.

Does it work?

Yes and no. It only works if you are constantly on top of it — and only as long as you avoid risky online behavior.

If you are truly willing to spend good amounts of time making sure that your computer is always safe… this is probably a great option for you. After all, it’s free!

So, free AdAware requires constant vigilance.

But if you’re lazy or just don’t have the time, you might want to look into paid versions.

AdAware has released a paid real time detection tool named Ad-Watch, which is currently being recommended by many cyber security specialists.

The Ad-Watch feature in AdAware SE Plus is said to give you constant cyber protection and will warn you when an attack is about to be made upon your system, or when a threat or parasite is trying to secretly install itself on your computer.

This eliminates the need to constantly be running free programs and will allow you to remain calm without the work involved when using free security tools.

AdAware is only one of many reputable paid programs.

Is AdAware SE Plus the best program or the right security option for you?

That’s hard to say. Although AdAware truly is a reputable name in the cyber security industry, there are also other very good vendors such as PestPatrol and Webroot’s Spysweeper.

Determining whether AdAware is the best product for you should be a decision made after analyzing the benefits of other good products as well.

We’ll provide articles on these products, as well as AdAware, as we build our Internet ScamBusters Anti Spyware Resource Center.