Spybot Search and Destroy

Is Spybot Search and Destroy the right anti-spyware tool for you?

Spybot Search and Destroy

Spybot Search and Destroy is probably
one of the most popular ‘free’ antispyware utilities on the market. Both Spybot
S&D as well as AdAware are considered reputable free programs by most cyber
security specialists who recommend free programs.

However, are these well intended free utilities (especially spybot) truly effective
against all forms of spyware?

Although Spybot is a good free program, it fails to detect or remove
some forms of spyware.

Unfortunately the best spyware removal tools on the market are not free. Free
spyware detection and removal tools, such as Spybot S&D, are a good option
if you aren’t planning on spending money on an anti-spyware solution.

But new threats are discovered faster than you can blink your eyes, and sometimes
spybot won’t catch them all in a timely manner.

This fast paced world of cyber security requires tools that are constantly being
updated to adapt to new threats.

One of the biggest weaknesses in using a free application such as spybot is
that anti-spyware programs — just like antivirus programs — constantly need
to update their definitions. And free programs simply don’t have the necessary
funds to incessantly look for and identify new threats.

Missing just one threat can be catastrophic.

Spybot has released updates that unfortunately may have a glitch and need to
be fixed in order for the program to be truly effective.

Some users are claiming that the spybot update may contain bugs that need to
be fixed. For example, many users have been getting error messages in German
after running updated versions of spybot.

Experts are telling people to hold off on updates. You may want to find out
about the glitches before upgrading. Older versions of spybot are working fine,
but may not include the latest spyware definitions.

Replacing Spybot with AdAware
or using both programs simultaneously might be an alternative.

Combining both spybot and AdAware might possibly produce good results
if you don’t want to pay for spyware protection.

If you have a few dollars that you are willing to spend on security software,
replacing Spybot S&D with paid antispyware programs is probably your best
bet.  For example, we recommend you check out this article on Spysweeper.

If you’ve decided you want complete protection against cyber threats and have
decided to switch from spybot, you’re probably trying to figure out which of
the many paid programs is the right choice for you.

Careful… there are many fraudulent and mal intended paid antispyware vendors
as well!

Paying for something doesn’t necessarily mean it’s any good. Spybot, which may
not be the best product on the market, is free and is much better than many
paid rogue or suspect programs being offered for high prices on the net.

You may want to check out the list of Rogue/Suspect spyware vendors on other
pages of this website, or at Spywarewarrior.com before making any purchases.
Spywarewarrior.com is a very goodsite to consult if you’re undecided about what
anti-spyware product to buy.

==> http://www.spywarewarrior.com/

Although we do recommend switching from spybot as long as money permits, if
you’re not careful, you might end up paying for a worse product at the end.
If you want to stay with a free solution, combine spybot and AdAware, and you’ll
have a solution that is at least effective against many threats.