Spunkball Warning

Is the email about the spunkball warning true — or is it an urban legend or hoax?

Spunkball Warning

I just wanted to warn all of my friends about something that has been occuring
more and more lately, all through out the country.

Groups of teenagers have been caught, in alarming numbers, playing a new and dangerous
game called Spunkball. Spunkball consists of a group of teens in a car pulling up
to a stop light, and looking around for a car stopped near by with an open window.
When one is spotted, the teens shout, "Spunkball", and throw a gasoline
soaked rag that has been wrapped in aluminum foil threw the open window. On the outside
of the foil is attatched a small fire cracker, with the fuse lit. When the fire cracker
explodes, it shreds the foil, and the rag is ignited, causing a large flame that
may catch the interior of the car on fire.

Spunkball playing has already claimed two lives, caused uncountable injuries due
to burns, and caused thousands of dollars in damage to automobiles. The best defense,
say authorities, is to keep all windows rolled up when stopped at traffic lights,
as only cars with windows down are being targeted.

If you are at a redlight and hear a shout of "Spunkball", and notice something
come flying in your window, the best thing to do is to have all passengers immediatly
exit the vehichle. DO NOT try to retreive the object, as it will ignite once the
fire cracker explodes.


Editors Note:
Despite claiming "two lives" and causing
"uncountable injuries due to burns" and causing "thousands of dollars
in damage" – there has been absolutely nothing in the news about this new game.
Yet another "gang" type email making the rounds. It is not true.

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