Cell Phone Scams, Spim, and Phony Stock Brokers

How to protect yourself from cell phone scams, spim, and phony stockbrokers:
Internet ScamBusters #76

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By Audri and Jim Lanford

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Issue #76

Hi everyone,

Today’s issue is shorter — and it covers some important new

scams: cell phone scams, ‘spim,’ and more. We’ll get right to


Cell Phone Scams

Next time you use your credit card in a convenience store or

restaurant, be aware that scammers can now use camera-equipped

cell phones to snap pics of your card number and name. For

the rest of the article on cell

phone scams, click here…


In the very unlikely event that you are not yet totally

disgusted with spam, unscrupulous marketers are now also

going after instant messaging (IM) users — and the result

is called ‘spim.’ Click here for more on spim.

Scamsters as Stockbrokers on the Web

Scammers are now posing as stockbrokers with authentic-looking

websites that include the name and logo of a well-known

brokerage firm, but the site is at a different Web address

(URL). Click here for the rest of the article on stock


That’s it for today. Stay scam-free!