What is the Best Day to Purchase a Car?

Finally — The Truth About What Day (and Month) Are the Best Times to Purchase a Car

When — exactly — should you purchase
a car?

To get the real answer to this question
on when to purchase a car, we asked Peter Humleker, consumer advocate, consultant
and author of the excellent book "Car Buying Scams, Auto Dealer
Executive "Breaks Code of Silence!"
to write an exclusive
article for us on the topic.

Here’s Peter’s article on the very best time to purchase a car:

If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me this question, "What
is the best day or month to buy a car?"
I would be a very rich

This is without a doubt the single most frequent question I get asked.

If you have done any surfing on the Net about this question, you would think
someone did a top-secret poll… and only they have the correct answer.

If you give them your blood type, finger prints, and social security number,
then maybe they will give you the answer. <g>

Let me set the record straight once and for all about this most asked and misunderstood

It all boils down to bonuses and rebates.

Notice that I said bonuses and not dealer cash.

I can hear your brain already thinking, "What is the difference between
bonus money and dealer cash?"

Dealer cash is money that the factory gives to the dealership
for every car sold.

For example, they might have $500 dealer cash on a certain make of car for the
month of March. So for every car sold of that particular make, the dealer receives
$500 extra per car.

This is not to be confused with rebate money that is given
to the consumer from the factory. Dealer cash goes to the dealer…
and rebates go to the customer.

Now as far as bonus money from the factory goes, that is extra
incentive money to entice the dealership to sell more of a certain model of

For example a manufacture may put out a bonus to its dealer network that says
if they sell 100 XYZ cars (or more) in the month of October they will receive
$200 per car.

That means if they sell only 90 cars, they don’t get the bonus. If they sell
100, then that is an extra $20,000 to the dealership.

A bonus can also be in the form of a paid vacation to the dealership owner or
whoever he may want to give it to — such as his General Manager or General
Sales Manager.

The point is that the bonus is not going to show up on one of the Internet sites…
and therefore you are not going to know about it.

Bonuses always run to the end of a month though.

Therefore, common sense says that if a dealership is trying to hit their bonus
and they only have a couple more cars to sell in order to get it, they are literally
going to give those cars away at cost to make that bonus.

So the answer to the question of when is the best day to purchase a car:

It is always the second to the last day of the month… or the last
day of the month

Even if there is not a bonus happening during the month that you plan to buy
a car, the sales people are still trying to make quotas for cars sold and last
minute sales goals.

Therefore, it always benefits the buyer to purchase a car at the very end of
the month.

Now let’s answer the question:

“What is the best time of year
to purchase a car?”

It is always at the end of year because that is when manufacturers
have the highest rebates going to the consumer — because manufacturers are
trying to move the last bit of inventory to make room for the new year’s makes
and models.

That means that you usually start to see really big rebates on the cars in September,
October and November

So if you combine all this knowledge, you’ll
save the most money when you purchase a car at the end of September, October
or November.

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