Win a Nokia Cell Phone

Is the email about getting a Nokia cell phone free true — or is it an urban legend or hoax?

Win a Nokia Cell Phone

Hello dear customer

I am forwarding this because we from Nokia, are very happy to see that the people
on the internet are visiting our page often. To keep the customers who use the internet
happy, we have developed a new series of mobile telephones called WAP ( wireless
application protocol).

They are made for people who are on the road often and don't have the internet with
them, they can now get the information on there telephones. Unfortunately, not many
people have heard about WAP, that's wy we are spreading this e-mail around the net.

'What's in it for me?', you'll probebly think.

Well, everyone who forwards this message 10 times, will receive the Nokia 3210. Everyone
who forwards this message 25 times or more, will receive the Nokia 7110, the first
WAP telephone. Two weaks after you've forwarded this messageNokia will contact you
about your adress.

This message is only for Microsoft Windows(C) users, Nokia can only see how much
you've forwarded the message if you use Windows 95 or newer.

Good Luck!!

James Dorfeld
Vice President of Nokia Communications

Editors Note:
It is technically impossible to track forwarded
email AND no company does business this way.

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