Cyanide Laced Deposit Envelopes

Is the email about cyanide laced deposit envelopes true — or is it an urban legend or hoax?

Cyanide Laced Deposit Envelopes

I hesitate to be an alarmist, but if anything like this happened to one of
my friends/family, I would not be able to forgive myself for not passing this along.
So, as I have been asked, please note and pass along to anyone you know. This is
a message sent to my friends and coworkers. I heard on the radio about 3:45 p.m.
on KDIA radio station of a very vicious and evil act. It seems as though some people
have nothing better to do with their lives.

A woman died recently from licking the deposit envelope at a Bank of America ATM.
It was laced with cyanide. Investigators stated that they went back to the ATM and
found 6 other envelopes in the slot. Her death was determined by an autopsy report
and of course, she became ill at the ATM. Please, I implore you to use extreme caution
when using those envelopes. The radio station advised that you should spit on the
envelope and close it. I know this sounds gross, but better gross than DEAD or keep
tape in your car and tape the envelope.


Editors Note: This is a hoax, another urban-legend. It is not true.

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