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Do Not Track Solution Still Out of Reach

What you can do to improve success of Do Not Track efforts: Internet Scambusters #701 Registering for a Do Not Call service is easy and mostly effective — not so for Do Not Track requests on the Internet. Unlike with phone calls, there are still no laws in place to stop online services from following […]

Don’t Be Bamboozled by These Bamboo Claims

Bamboo products and investments may not be what they seem to be: Internet Scambusters #700 The environmental attraction of products made from fast-growing and renewable bamboo fibers is driving increasing demand for fabrics made from the plant. But all may not be as it seems — if the fibers have been chemically processed into rayon. […]

The Fish on Your Dish May Not Be the Salmon You Sought

Most restaurant salmon may be wrongly described as “wild”: Internet Scambusters #699 Salmon is America’s number one fish dish, but what you get on your plate, especially in restaurants, may not be what you expect. In this week’s issue, we explain growing concerns about the incidence of salmon fraud and what you might be able […]

Phishing on Facebook and Shooting the Scam Rapids on Amazon

Snippets issue details latest Facebook phishing scam and two new tricks using Amazon name: Internet Scambusters #698 We have another Snippets issue for you this week, focusing on phishing and two other new tricks that exploit the reliability most of us place on two well-known Internet names. First, we explain how phony warnings on Facebook […]

Seniors Snared in Multiple Impostor Scams

How seniors are tricked into theft, pension and debit card scams: Internet Scambusters #697 Crooks are constantly looking for new ways to exploit the vulnerability of seniors to scams. In their latest set of tricks, they pose as long-lost friends, Veterans Affairs financial advisors and supposedly helpful bank employees, all with the same aim in […]

Scammers Cash-in on Fears of Law Enforcement

Bankruptcy trick, bail bond cancellation and phishing attempt among latest law enforcement scams: Internet Scambusters #696 The threat of some personal law enforcement action is enough to worry most of us – but it’s even worse for those who have already tangled with the legal system. In this week’s issue, we explain how individuals who […]

New Program Will Aid Identity Theft Recovery

Government website will provide customized recovery plans for identity theft victims: Internet Scambusters #695 The Federal Trade Commission has delivered on a Presidential directive that identity theft victims should be able to get all the help they need from a single online source. By providing details of a crime to a government website, victims will […]

QuickBooks Scam Emails by the Dozen!

QuickBooks and TurboTax publisher warns of a torrent of fake email alerts: Internet Scambusters #694 Users of accounting software QuickBooks and tax preparation program TurboTax are being bombarded by scam emails. The fake messages are intended to trick victims into clicking a link or attachment with the aim of stealing critical information. We have the […]

Scams Behind Bogus LinkedIn Job Offers

How to avoid these LinkedIn job scams: Internet Scambusters #693 It’s not uncommon to get a LinkedIn contact request from someone you don’t know – after all, the group is all about networking. But making contact via fake profiles is one of the tactics scammers use to offer phony jobs that can turn out to […]

Is That ID Verification Letter Genuine or Another Tax Scam?

Surge in tax scams prompts IRS to send out ID Verification Letters: Internet Scambusters #692 2016 looks like a record year for tax scams, as crooks try to exploit one of the key measures the IRS is using to try to verify the identity of some filers. If you receive an ID Verification Letter, it’s […]