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Work From Home Amazon Job Project is a Scam

Snippets issue highlights Amazon job scam and other home-based tricks: Internet Scambusters #719 Plenty of people are making money through an Amazon job based on the online retailer’s affiliate program. But scammers are also making money by tricking victims into signing up for a fake version of the program and then charging them for website […]

8 Ways Social Media Crooks Will Trick You

Social media users face barrage of scams and other threats: Internet Scambusters #718 Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are meant to connect us with friends and family — not crooks and spammers. But they can do both anyway, unless you take action to thwart the scammers and con artists. In this week’s […]

Is Someone Using Your Netflix Account?

Crooks offer stolen Netflix account details for cut-price subscriptions: Internet Scambusters #717 The sign-on details for a Netflix account are a valuable commodity to subscribers — and potentially others. Crooks are stealing and selling these details, and other people may be innocently paying for them thinking they’re getting a cut-price deal, as we explain in […]

How the Internet of Things Threatens Your Security

Coming soon to your home: The Internet of Things and the risks it imposes: Internet Scambusters #716 Are you connected to the Internet of Things? You may be, without even realizing it — and there are more and more connective home devices on the way. In this week’s issue we’ll explain what it is, how […]

Schools, Churches, Charities, Small Firms Targeted in Free Samples Business Scam

Fake supply orders, phishing tricks and grants offer among latest business scams: Internet Scambusters #715 A new business scam is targeting not just small firms but also schools, churches and charitable organizations. Meanwhile, aspiring work-from-home operators are in the sights of crooks offering phony business grants, and scammers have come up with two new ways […]

How Safe is Cloud Storage for Your Files?

7 actions you can take to protect your data cloud storage: Internet Scambusters #714 Cloud storage — keeping your files on off-site computer servers — is no longer just for businesses and nerds. Everyone is doing it. That’s because there are big advantages to storing your data elsewhere, like instant access from any device. There […]

Ransomware Rockets – and So Does the Ransom Charge

Spotlight on alarming growth in ransomware and your best chances of dealing with it: Internet Scambusters #713 Ransomware, which locks down victims’ PCs until they pay the ransom, is costing Americans tens of millions, maybe even hundreds of millions of dollars every year. In this special issue, we give a quick rundown of how the […]

Are You Eating Fake Cheese?

Is your Parmesan the real thing or is it a fake cheese?: Internet Scambusters #712 When you eat Parmesan cheese, it’s highly likely you’re not eating the real thing at all — but an imitation product or even a totally fake cheese. This could mean you’re not getting what you pay for or it could […]

Watch Out for these 5 Pokemon GO Scams

Scammers and spammers target Pokemon GO players: Internet Scambusters #711 Pokemon GO — it’s a game craze that’s literally sweeping the world but, sadly, so are scams that target the players. In this week’s issue, we’ll explain the 5 main scams and spam campaigns currently aimed at players and how to avoid them. We also […]

What to Do if You Fell for a Tech Support Scam

10-point action plan for resolving fake tech support access to your PC: Internet Scambusters #710 Tech support scams affect 3.3 million people and cost $1.5 billion every year. So what do you do if you’re one of those unfortunate victims? We’ll give you a 10-point action plan in this week’s issue, along with information about […]