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7 Tips for Avoiding GoFundMe Tricksters

Personal crowdsourcing site GoFundMe targeted by scammers: Internet Scambusters #677 In principle, raising money to meet personal and charitable needs via the popular GoFundMe Internet service is a great idea. In practice, users — whether donors or fundraisers — must take special care to ensure they don’t fall victim to scammers who are targeting the […]

Bogus Loan Default Agency Threatens Jail

Snippets issue highlights loan default scams and real estate con tricks: Internet Scambusters #676 You might be the most reliable person in the world when it comes to making repayment on money you’ve borrowed but if you get a loan default notice and arrest warrant you’re still likely to be worried. However, you’re really on […]

Bogus Auto Insurance Victims Could Lose Their Cars

10 tips for avoiding car insurance tricks and other agent scams: Internet Scambusters #675 Car insurance is expensive enough, but not as costly as falling for a cut-price scam. This week, we explain how buying a policy from a fake or dishonest agent could lead to you losing your car. And we have 10 tips […]

This Credit Repair Scam Could Land You in Court

Privacy number ruse won’t help you with credit repair: Internet Scambusters #674 Credit repair scammers are up to all sorts of tricks to try to convince victims they can straighten out their credit record — for a fee. But victims won’t just end up out of pocket by paying for a service that likely won’t […]

Scammers Exploit Launch of New Chip Cards

Beware of confirmation or upgrade request for chip card replacements: Internet Scambusters #673 If you have a small silver or gold “stamp” on your debit or credit card, it could be one of the new chip cards. They’re supposed to make card transactions more secure against fraud but, in the meantime, crooks are using the […]

Sprint Away from these Fake Color Runs

Bogus or real, some color runs make a fortune for their organizers: Internet Scambusters #672 Funds and fun get together in color runs — 5-mile events in which runners get daubed in dyes and paints while raising money for charity. At least, that’s the theory. But the truth is that some runs are fakes and […]

Scammers Fake Section 8 Affordable Housing Sites

Needy families tricked into paying to go on Section 8 vouchers list: Internet Scambusters #671 Families trying to obtain rent subsidies under the government’s Section 8 voucher scheme are being hoodwinked into paying to go on a waiting list. Scammers are even using fake Section 8 sites to list non-existent rental homes and then charging […]

Church Scammers Lurk in Parking Lots, Target Elderly

Update on latest church scams: Internet Scambusters #670 Church scammers have come up with a batch of new tricks to target their victims. And they’ve singled out older folks, including dementia sufferers, as potential victims, as we explain in this week’s issue. We also have information that could serve as an early warning if your […]

Can You Pass the Phishing Test?

Quiz shows four out of five believed phishing email was genuine: Internet Scambusters #669 Results are in for a phishing test — and they don’t make good reading! Only a tiny proportion of quiz participants managed to identify which messages were genuine and which were scams, according to a study by security firm McAfee. How […]

7 Tips for Safer Online Banking and Account Security

FDIC outlines basic rules for account protection and online banking: Internet Scambusters #668 More than half of all Americans use online banking — but all of us are at risk of theft of our confidential account information. Now the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) has issued a set of basic guidelines on how to ensure […]