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Scammers Use “Obamacare” Inquiries to Steal ID Info

“Obamacare” Affordable Care Act used as a front for new rash of scams: Internet Scambusters #628 With open enrollment in full swing for signing up for qualified insurance plans under so-called “Obamacare” — the Affordable Care Act — scammers are frantically busy selling phony policies. They’re also posing as officials from the new Health Insurance […]

Identity Theft Holds Pole Position in Top 10 Scams List

Cash-grabbing “hit-and-runs” are also on the rise among top scams in 2014 and 2015: Internet Scambusters #627 Find out about the top scams of 2014 and our predictions for 2015 in our annual Top 10 report in this week’s issue. We let you know which scams are moving up the charts and call for special […]

Shame and Nerve in the Worst Scams of the Year

List of worst scams shows huge variety of crimes: Internet Scambusters #626 For the third successive year, we’re opening the Scambusters research files to show you some of the worst scams of 2014. They show that it doesn’t matter whether you’re the most vulnerable target or an expert who should know better — the con […]

Degree Forgers Switch to Fake High School Diplomas

Bogus high school diplomas are no shortcut to graduation: Internet Scambusters #625 There’s no shortcut to earning your high school diploma — and certainly not by paying for one on the Internet. In this week’s issue, we show how rogue diploma mills that churn out fake college degrees have started selling high school diplomas, too. […]

Identity Theft: How to Freeze Your Credit

Simple steps to freeze and unfreeze credit reports after identity theft: Internet Scambusters #624 This will probably turn out to be a record year for identity theft after a wave of major hack attacks on retail and financial institutions. If you’re a victim, it’s important to implement either a freeze on your credit record or […]

7 Long-Term Care Insurance Scams

How to protect yourself against long-term care insurance scammers: Internet Scambusters #623 The cost of increased longevity is a growing need for long-term care (LTC) for our aging population. Insurance coverage may be one solution but the LTC marketplace is peppered with crooks selling dud policies or charging victims for protection they either don’t need […]

Bogus Casting Calls Lead Straight to Your Wallet

When dreams of stardom beckon, don’t fall for these casting call scams: Internet Scambusters #622 With all the talent and reality shows we see on TV these days, many people are tempted to think this could be their moment for stardom. And when they see a casting call notice, it seems like a heaven-sent opportunity […]

Protect Yourself from Latest Job Scams

Job scammers use real company names and online conferences to trick victims: Internet Scambusters #621 Job scams are an everyday risk for people searching online for work — especially those using the classified ads site Craigslist. Despite public warnings and efforts to head off the crooks, they keep coming back with new tactics to dupe […]

Beware of Latest Auto Accident and ID Theft Scams

Scammers try to trick auto accident witnesses into revealing personal details: Internet Scambusters #620 In the heat of the moment after an auto accident, you may not have all your wits about you when someone asks for your personal or insurance details, whether you’re involved or just a witness. But watch out! It could be […]

8 Money Wiring Fraud Prevention Tips

Despite tougher security, crooks still make a fortune from money wiring: Internet Scambusters #619 Despite tougher security, money wiring and reloadable debit card scams still cost us millions of dollars every week. In this week’s issue, we tell you what the wiring and card companies themselves advise to prevent fraud and why one reloadable card […]