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How Scammers Steal and Trade Your Airline Miles

Change your password to protect your airline miles from crooks: Internet Scambusters #659 Airline miles and points can be used for a lot more than just flights. They can be used for all manner of gifts — which makes them an attractive theft target for hackers and scammers. We’ll tell you how they do this […]

7 Key Medical Fraud, Misleading & Money-Making Tricks

Don’t get caught out by these medical fraud tricksters: Internet Scambusters #658 Medical fraud and other tricks to make more money at the expense of patients and insurance companies rake in more than $200 billion a year. Sometimes, they dupe patients into becoming accomplices and, in some cases, may be endangering health. In this week’s […]

Life Insurance Scammers Trick Bereaved Spouses

Widows and widowers are fooled into paying up for non-existent life insurance policies: Internet Scambusters #657 It can be easy to be tricked into falling for a life insurance scam, especially when you’re under stress — and it can be costly. In this week’s issue, we have the lowdown on the three most common scams […]

Military Scams, Bogus TV Box Replacements & Dubious Cancer Tests

Latest military scam uses fake escrow set-up to fool car buyers: Internet Scambusters #656 Convincing but bogus credentials lie behind two new military scams relating to phony online car sales, which we report on in this week’s Snippets issue. We also sound a warning about scammers posing as TV service companies trying to get hold […]

3 Ways to Spot a Fake Census Survey

Catch up with the latest survey scam tricks: Internet Scambusters #655 With an estimated 130 surveys a year, it’s no wonder the name of the U.S. Census Bureau is frequently used by scammers. It’s a way for them to pose as officials demanding information that you have to provide by law, as we explain in […]

Why You Shouldn’t Seek Revenge Against Scammers

Scam revenge tactics could place you in danger: Internet Scambusters #654 It’s a natural reaction to seek revenge against a would-be scammer — or at least to let him know you’re on to him. But your reaction could backfire — badly — as some victims have learned to their cost. We explain why, in this […]

Government Agencies Urge More Vigilance on Auction Scams

DOJ and FTC offer guidelines about online auction scams: Internet Scambusters #653 Online auctioneers may have stepped up security against auction scams but they just can’t stop the crooks. Both the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission are sufficiently concerned about the dangers as to offer guidance on how to check for phony […]

FBI Issues New Warning on Student Work Scams

Student work scammers exploit emotions and inexperience of victims: Internet Scambusters #652 Student work seekers could land themselves in serious trouble, losing big money they can’t afford and even ending up on the wrong side of the law. We explain how this happens and what you can do to avoid the latest con tricks in […]

Heads Up for 10 More Travel Scams

New tricks and old favorites in the second part of our travel scams special: Internet Scambusters #651 We promised you there’d be more — and this week we have a further batch of travel scams that crooks have lined up for unwary tourists. Some of them are brand new but we’ve also reserved space for […]

Just in Time for Vacations: 7 Latest Travel Scam Alerts

On business or vacation, look out for these new travel scams: Internet Scambusters #650 There’s no end to the ingenuity of con artists when it comes to travel scams. They pose as police, fellow tourists, and entry fee collectors or they use other underhanded techniques to rip you off. In this week’s issue, we have […]