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What To Do If You’re an IRS Scam Victim

Latest IRS scam tricks and how to repair the damage they cause: Internet Scambusters #666 IRS scams are one of the fastest growing crimes in the United States, with hundreds of thousands of victims every year. Basic steps can limit the risk of being caught out, but what should you do if you’ve already lost […]

Scam Risks You Face at the Gas Station

Fast and cunning tricks that gas station scammers use: Internet Scambusters #665 When you stop to refuel at a gas station, you could be at the mercy of any one of a number of scams. Some of them are opportunist and happen in seconds and others are carefully planned and ingenious, as we explain in […]

Copyright Thieves Cash in on Self-Published Works

Self-publishing writers and musicians targeted by copyright crooks: Internet Scambusters #664 Self-publishing of books and music may offer a shortcut to creative success but it also opens the door to copyright thieves. In this week’s issue we explain how two individuals found their creative efforts had been stolen and what they did to get their […]

Small Firms and Self-Employed Lose a Fortune to Business Scams

Hacking, bogus debt collection, phony orders and fake complaints among small business scams: Internet Scambusters #663 Self-employed people and small firms face potential ruin in the latest wave of business scams. Hackers are leading the attack, driving half the small firms they hit out of business, as we report in this week’s Business Snippets issue. […]

Scammers Target Home Sharing Site Airbnb

Travelers lose thousands on phony Airbnb accommodation ads: Internet Scambusters #662 The home-sharing site Airbnb has joined other accommodation service providers as a target for scammers. Users are reported to have lost thousands of dollars by paying for non-existent accommodations advertised on the site. Yet, as we report this week, by following one simply Airbnb […]

Ransomware Holds Smartphones Hostage

“Meteoric rise” in ransomware is now targeting cell phones: Internet Scambusters #661 Ransomware, software that hijacks and freezes PCs until a ransom is paid, is undergoing a “meteoric rise” according to a leading security software company. Now the malware is finding its way onto Android smartphones, with scammers demanding up to $250 to unfreeze them. […]

Bogus Business Email Targets Employees, Costs Millions

Snippets issue spotlights email con tricks on employees and latest investment scams: Internet Scambusters #660 Phony business emails sent to finance department employees have cost firms $215 million by tricking them into wiring invoice payments to scammers. We have the details in this week’s Snippets issue, along with warnings about bogus investment newsletters and shady […]

How Scammers Steal and Trade Your Airline Miles

Change your password to protect your airline miles from crooks: Internet Scambusters #659 Airline miles and points can be used for a lot more than just flights. They can be used for all manner of gifts — which makes them an attractive theft target for hackers and scammers. We’ll tell you how they do this […]

7 Key Medical Fraud, Misleading & Money-Making Tricks

Don’t get caught out by these medical fraud tricksters: Internet Scambusters #658 Medical fraud and other tricks to make more money at the expense of patients and insurance companies rake in more than $200 billion a year. Sometimes, they dupe patients into becoming accomplices and, in some cases, may be endangering health. In this week’s […]

Life Insurance Scammers Trick Bereaved Spouses

Widows and widowers are fooled into paying up for non-existent life insurance policies: Internet Scambusters #657 It can be easy to be tricked into falling for a life insurance scam, especially when you’re under stress — and it can be costly. In this week’s issue, we have the lowdown on the three most common scams […]