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Macros: What They Are and How They Could Imperil You

How crooks abuse timesaving macros to infect computers: Internet Scambusters #644 Although they sound a bit technical, macros are actually just mini-programs that usually run inside other software to automate and speed up repetitive tasks. That may be a good thing if they’re used properly, but crooks are increasingly burying malicious macros inside email attachments. […]

Foreign Currency Rip-off at Airport ATMs

Are you paying too much for foreign currency at the airport?: Internet Scambusters #643 When you use an airport ATM for your foreign currency, you may get ripped off on the exchange rate. Even when you’re offered a “no commission” deal, you may still pay through the nose, as we explain in this week’s issue […]

Urban Legends from Nebraska, Nevada and New Hampshire

Do grains of truth lurk behind some urban legends?: Internet Scambusters #642 Half-truths and enduring mysteries feature in the latest installment of our alphabetical, state-by-state tour of urban legends. Did Warren Buffett propose new government legislation? Is there really an ancient “Stonehenge” in the US? And did a shoeless vagrant gamble his Social Security check […]

Check Cashing, Tire Slashing and Extortion Scams

Snippets issue features latest check cashing con trick, plus auto-related scams: Internet Scambusters #641 Crooks have hit on the use of smartphones to help them with their check cashing and advance fee scams. We’ll tell you how the trick works in this week’s Snippets issue, along with news about parking lot tire slashers and a […]

Are You “Signing” Up for a Home Security Scam?

How home security system tricksters talk their way into your home: Internet Scambusters #640 The very thing you use to warn would-be crooks that you have home security installed could actually make you a potential target. Unscrupulous sales people are on the lookout for security company signs in front yards so they can claim to […]

The Top 10 Facebook Scams

Be skeptical to avoid these common Facebook scams: Internet Scambusters #639 Security researchers claim there have been at least 850,000 Facebook scams — and the list is still growing. In this week’s issue, we identify the 10 most common scams doing the rounds right now and urge you to be both skeptical and vigilant to […]

Sneaky Tricks Steal Credit Card Numbers and Escrow Payments

Don’t fall for these credit card number theft scams: Internet Scambusters #638 Curiosity can sometimes get the better of us when crooks set out to steal our credit card numbers. In this week’s Snippets issue, we explain two of the latest scams that prey on our sense of surprise or mystery to steal those precious […]

How to Easily Enhance Your Password Security

Improve your password security through two-factor authentication: Internet Scambusters #637 If you’re not a techie, password security though “two-factor authentication” may sound as if it’s beyond your skills. But it’s not. In most cases, it’s straightforward thanks to step-by-step instructions from many providers. In this week’s issue, we’ll explain the process and tell you where […]

When Toll Roads Become a Highway to a Scam

Phony invoices and payment demands bombard toll roads users: Internet Scambusters Issue #636 Toll roads users across the U.S. have been receiving phony but genuine-looking emails warning them they haven’t paid their fees, and demanding immediate payment. But, in the main, the crooks behind this scam aren’t really after your money. They want you to […]

Tools and Tips for Your Identity Theft Protection

Five keys for your identity theft protection: Internet Scambusters #635 With 13 million US victims last year alone, identity theft protection is no longer a “nice to have” option. It’s a “must have.” Putting that protection in place needn’t be complicated or expensive — though paying a modest fee for a monitoring service could ease […]