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The Top 10 Facebook Scams

Be skeptical to avoid these common Facebook scams: Internet Scambusters #639 Security researchers claim there have been at least 850,000 Facebook scams — and the list is still growing. In this week’s issue, we identify the 10 most common scams doing the rounds right now and urge you to be both skeptical and vigilant to […]

Sneaky Tricks Steal Credit Card Numbers and Escrow Payments

Don’t fall for these credit card number theft scams: Internet Scambusters #638 Curiosity can sometimes get the better of us when crooks set out to steal our credit card numbers. In this week’s Snippets issue, we explain two of the latest scams that prey on our sense of surprise or mystery to steal those precious […]

How to Easily Enhance Your Password Security

Improve your password security through two-factor authentication: Internet Scambusters #637 If you’re not a techie, password security though “two-factor authentication” may sound as if it’s beyond your skills. But it’s not. In most cases, it’s straightforward thanks to step-by-step instructions from many providers. In this week’s issue, we’ll explain the process and tell you where […]

When Toll Roads Become a Highway to a Scam

Phony invoices and payment demands bombard toll roads users: Internet Scambusters Issue #636 Toll roads users across the U.S. have been receiving phony but genuine-looking emails warning them they haven’t paid their fees, and demanding immediate payment. But, in the main, the crooks behind this scam aren’t really after your money. They want you to […]

Tools and Tips for Your Identity Theft Protection

Five keys for your identity theft protection: Internet Scambusters #635 With 13 million US victims last year alone, identity theft protection is no longer a “nice to have” option. It’s a “must have.” Putting that protection in place needn’t be complicated or expensive — though paying a modest fee for a monitoring service could ease […]

Title Washing Cleans Up Cars’ Murky Past

Differences in state laws and definitions enable title washing scams: Internet Scambusters #634 Hundreds of thousands of cars on our roads today may be hiding a secret past, concealed behind a scam known as title washing. At best, these vehicles could be worth a lot less than new owners paid for them; at worst, they […]

The Great Sneakers Scam and Other Sports Memorabilia Tricks

Limited-edition fashion items used as lure in sports memorabilia scams: Internet Scambusters #633 Sports memorabilia scams span a huge area, from phony autographs to fake or non-existent limited-edition fashion items. In this week’s issue, we explain how one basketball sneakers fan allegedly lost thousands of dollars to one of these tricksters. And we’ll tell you […]

Latest Car Parts, Tech Support and Domain Name Scams

Car parts buyers hoodwinked in “old-for-new” scam: Internet Scambusters #632 One of the problems with buying replacement items like car parts online is you have to trust that the seller will actually send what you paid for. But that doesn’t always happen, as we explain in this week’s Snippets issue. We also have details about […]

Money Flipping Scam Hits Social Networks

Internet offer to turn hundreds into thousands is nothing more than a money flipping scam: Internet Scambusters #631 Money flipping scams are rife on social networks right now, claiming that victims can make a fortune out of next to nothing by using a little-known trick in the financial system. But the real trick is convincing […]

10 Ways to Avoid Tow Truck Scams

Rogue tow truck operators could trick you into spending hundreds of dollars: Internet Scambusters #630 When your car breaks down or gets damaged in a road accident, the appearance of a tow truck just when you need it most can seem like a miracle. But if you or the police didn’t summon the truck, you […]