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7 Warning Signs of an MLM Scam

How to steer clear of those multi-level marketing — MLM — tricksters: Internet Scambusters #729 MLM — multi-level marketing or network marketing — is one of those gray areas of business where it’s often difficult to tell the difference between legitimate programs and rip-offs. Lured by the money-making opportunity as well as the prospect of […]

How Malvertising Sneaks onto Your PC

How malvertising can infect your PC without a single click: Internet Scambusters #728 Legitimate online advertising networks — the setups that post display ads onto the web pages you visit — are being hoodwinked into distributing malvertising, or malicious advertisements. And the alarming news is that you don’t even need to click on one of […]

Snippets: Probate Court Scam, Bogus Delivery Alerts and Fake Piracy Fines

Scammers use probate court ruse to get into your home: Internet Scambusters #727 It’s a cunning trick: Scammers pretend to be from your county probate court and need to discuss your will so they can get into your home. Bogus delivery service notifications are also aimed at helping burglars into your property, as we explain […]

New Threat to ATM Security

Hacking wearable devices could compromise ATM security: Internet Scambusters #726 ATM security has always been at risk from scammers — by trapping cards and using cameras to read PIN numbers. Now researchers have shown how they could even steal PINs by hacking into users’ wearable devices and tracking their hand movements as they use the […]

How to Block Microphone Eavesdropping

How hackers and eavesdropping software snoop on your conversations: Internet Scambusters #725 As more computer and mobile apps acquire the ability to respond to our voices, the potential threat to our privacy increases and listening turns to eavesdropping, or even spying. In this week’s issue, we explore microphone usage on our devices, ranging from benign […]

Millennials Face Greatest Risk of Being Scammed

Millennials more vulnerable to scammers than older people, says new study: Internet Scambusters #724 Surprise, surprise — young adults who make up the millennial generation are more at risk of falling for a scam than their elders. The reason? They, and some other groups such as well-educated professionals, are over-confident that they won’t get caught […]

Scammers Ready to Profit from VW Buyback Program

Don’t be fooled by VW buyback tricksters: Internet Scambusters #723 The VW buyback program, which was due to launch in late fall, compensates owners of certain Volkswagen and Audi diesel autos after the carmaker was found to have breached emission rules. But owners could be hoodwinked by unscrupulous dealers into accepting low-ball offers for their […]

100 Non-Profits Hit in Cruel New Twist to Charity Scams

Charity scam artists now target the organizations themselves: Internet Scambusters #722 In a cruel new twist to the crime, charity scam artists have decided to hit where it hurts most — by stealing directly from the charitable organizations themselves. In this week’s issue, we explain how crooks are using the advance payment or overpayment ruse […]

Maria Duval Psychic Scam Costs Americans $180 Million

Injunction halts Maria Duval scam: Internet Scambusters #721 A scam based on the name of Italian psychic Maria Duval has taken an estimated $180 million from U.S. victims, plus lots more from abroad. Now a permanent injunction has stopped the scammers in their tracks but the money they took may not be recoverable. In this […]

Are You a Victim of the Wells Fargo Scam Accounts Trick?

What to do if the Wells Fargo scam has cost you money: Internet Scambusters #720 What should you do if you’ve fallen victim to the Wells Fargo scam in which up to two million customer bank and credit card accounts were set up without their knowledge, so that sales staff could earn bonuses? Even if […]