5 Scams Set to Trap Ancestry Hunters

How scammers can take you down the wrong ancestry path: Internet Scambusters #742 Forget about Sherlock. Real-life detective adventures are available for anyone trying to uncover their ancestry. And as in any good mystery plot, villains are lurking around every corner waiting to trick family historians into handing over their money for little or nothing […]

Fake Shopping Apps Fool Thousands of Consumers Every Day

Scammers launch phony shopping apps posing as top name brands and stores: Internet Scambusters #741 Everyone’s doing it these days – using shopping apps on their smart phones to make purchases. But not all retailers have their own apps. So, scammers have stepped in and set up fake ones in their place. We’ll explain what […]

Mail Fraudsters Net a Fortune

New campaign aims to highlight ongoing mail fraud risks: Internet Scambusters #740 Postal scams and mail fraud were around long before the Internet – and they’re still here. But new campaigns and initiatives aim to target the crooks behind these schemes and bring them to justice. In this week’s issue, we’ll explain some of the […]

Stop Falling For and Sharing Fake News

Why we believe fake news and how to become more skeptical: Internet Scambusters #739 During the recent U.S. elections, a day hardly went by without allegations about fake news reports. What’s equally alarming, though, is our willingness to believe them and share them with others. In this week’s report, we’ll explain what the experts think […]

Watch Out for These Apple ID and iTunes Card Scams

Latest phishing tricks aim to steal your Apple ID: Internet Scambusters #737 If you use an iPhone, an iPad or a Mac, you’ll likely also have an Apple ID — an item of value that crooks want to get their hands on. We’ll explain why, and the sneaky tricks they use to get hold of […]

7 Top Identity Theft Tactics

How to avoid the most common identity theft scams: Internet Scambusters #736 Identity theft is costing millions of Americans billions of dollars every year. You can guard against many of the tricks they use if you know what to look out for. In our latest ID theft update, we’ll outline the most common tricks ID […]

Don’t Let Tax Theft Crooks Steal Your ID

New campaign highlights tax theft risks: Internet Scambusters #735 After labeling identity theft as the number one scam in our Top 10 just a few weeks ago, we’re putting one of the main reasons behind it in the spotlight this week — tax theft. As the tax season picks up pace, the IRS and the […]

Firms Charging for Free Replacement Social Security Cards

Snippets issue: Replacement Social Security cards, phishing tricks and a phony neighbor in need: Internet Scambusters #734 How much should you pay for a replacement Social Security card? Nothing; it’s free. But that doesn’t stop some websites offering to do it for $30, as we report in this week’s Snippets issue. We also have reports […]

5 Ways to Skip a Signup Trick

How signup tricksters catch their victims: Internet Scambusters #733 Simply answering “yes” in a telephone survey can be enough to catch you out with a signup trick. It’s just one of the ways the scammers, subscription websites and over-eager sales clerks get you to agree to store cards or subscriptions you don’t want. But we’ll […]

Chatbots Speed Up Tinder Dating Scams

Chatbot and verification scams target dating site users: Internet Scambusters #732 Chatbots — computer programs that simulate human conversation — are the latest scam recruits on dating site Tinder. In this week’s issue, we explain how to spot them and what to do if you fall victim. We also have news of a quick and […]