Beware of Latest Auto Accident and ID Theft Scams

Scammers try to trick auto accident witnesses into revealing personal details: Internet Scambusters #620 In the heat of the moment after an auto accident, you may not have all your wits about you when someone asks for your personal or insurance details, whether you’re involved or just a witness. But watch out! It could be […]

8 Money Wiring Fraud Prevention Tips

Despite tougher security, crooks still make a fortune from money wiring: Internet Scambusters #619 Despite tougher security, money wiring and reloadable debit card scams still cost us millions of dollars every week. In this week’s issue, we tell you what the wiring and card companies themselves advise to prevent fraud and why one reloadable card […]

How Crooks Trick You Into a Virus Download

Search for player software can lead to a virus download: Internet Scambusters #618 Think you’re immune to making a virus download? Maybe you don’t realize how cunning crooks are in tricking you into installing malware on your PC. We explain how they do it in this week’s issue. Plus, we have a scam warning about […]

“Credit Mules” Lined Up for Latest Phone Scam

Contract phone scam costs victims thousands: Internet Scambusters #617 A new phone scam in which crooks offer cash to people for taking out multiple wireless contracts is targeting students and other cash-strapped people. Con artists trick victims into signing up for phones, which they hand over to the crooks in return for payment, believing they […]

Why Regular Bill Checking is Essential for Your Safety

Line-by-line bill checks could save you money and help keep you safe: Internet Scambusters #616 If you want to be sure your credit cards, bank account and other places where you pay or move money are secure, you absolutely must run a line-by-line bill check every time you get one. That way you’ll get early […]

Technology Delivers New Hacking and Key Copying Threats

Hacking danger spreads to new devices and appliances: Internet Scambusters #615 Technology is supposed to be brightening our futures, and it does to a large extent — but there’s also a sinister side, represented by crimes like hacking and key copying. For instance, did you know that some baby monitors can be hacked, or that […]

Which Card is Safest — Debit or Credit?

Choosing between debit or credit cards when security counts: Internet Scambusters #614 It’s not just the way you finally pay for your purchases that makes debit or credit cards different. They also differ in terms of the way you’re protected against fraud. In this week’s issue, we explain the security pros and cons of the […]

New Wave of ATM Scams Heads for US

Latest ATM scam devices are virtually undetectable: Internet Scambusters #613 From the simplest distraction tricks to the most sophisticated technology, ATM scams can turn up wherever there’s a machine stuffed with cash and a customer trying to withdraw it. And because new card security technology already prevalent in Europe is slow to catch on in […]

Urban Legends from Mississippi, Missouri and Montana

State urban legends tour recalls popular mysteries and strange sightings: Internet Scambusters #612 After a lengthy spell off the road, we’re back on our alphabetical, state-by-state tour of urban legends this week. We’ll introduce you to some of the best-known myths, as well as true stories, from Mississippi, Missouri and Montana. And for our alert […]

New Tricks Target Small Businesses

From credit card fraudsters to phony bill demands, scammers aim for 28 million small businesses: Internet Scambusters #611