New Wave of ATM Scams Heads for US

Latest ATM scam devices are virtually undetectable: Internet Scambusters #613 From the simplest distraction tricks to the most sophisticated technology, ATM scams can turn up wherever there’s a machine stuffed with cash and a customer trying to withdraw it. And because new card security technology already prevalent in Europe is slow to catch on in […]

Urban Legends from Mississippi, Missouri and Montana

State urban legends tour recalls popular mysteries and strange sightings: Internet Scambusters #612 After a lengthy spell off the road, we’re back on our alphabetical, state-by-state tour of urban legends this week. We’ll introduce you to some of the best-known myths, as well as true stories, from Mississippi, Missouri and Montana. And for our alert […]

New Tricks Target Small Businesses

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Why Your Name is on the Cybercrime Hit List

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New Student Scams Exploit Need for Cash

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Bogus Contractors, Funeral Notice Virus & Safe Harbor for Kids

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One Ring Phone Scam Cashes in on Curiosity

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Fake Cosmetics Could Pose Risks to Your Health

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Beware of Sky-High Interest Workplace Loans

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Just How Green Are Those “Green” Products?

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