8 Business Scam Tricks That Target Small Firms

Bogus documentation used in latest business scam outbreak: Internet Scambusters #518

Something old, something new could well be the theme of our return to the business scam theme for this week's issue.

Recent times have seen a revival of con tricks that involve the issue of bogus documentation and authentication services, while a new crop of scams include a clever way of getting convenience stores to wire their own money to crooks.

But there's one simple way of avoiding most of these scams, as we explain.

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Let's check out today's...

8 Business Scam Tricks That Target Small Firms

Pretending to be some sort of official organization or helping to fulfill a supposed legal requirement is a favorite trick of business scam artists.

They approach small firms and tell them they need special documentation or authentication services that they just happen to be able to provide -- for a fee of course.

We've identified at least 4 business scams that use this technique. A couple have been around for a while but all are active right now.

4 New Business Scam Tricks

Of course, phony documents and services are not the only business scams targeting small firms.

We've written about a dozen more con tricks in previous issues.

The 5 Most Common Business Scams

Business Scams #2: 7 More Tricks to Snag Your Money and Data

In addition, here are 4 more business scam ruses to be on the lookout for.

Make sure you don't let life become even tougher by falling for a business scam.

That's all for today -- we'll see you next week.


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