Bath & Body Works

Is the story about Bath & Body Works email tracking true — or is it an urban legend or hoax?

Bath & Body Works

Hi. I am, Michele Cordova, the founder of Bath & Body Works and I want
your business. We are trying a new advertising campaign through the power of YOU,
the consumer. In order for this to work, you need to send this e-mail to 13 people
and I know that is not a lucky number but that is the number we need in order for
this to work.

Our computer tracking system will keep count of how many people you send it to so
don't feel like you have to send it to thirteen people all at once. You may not send
it to the same person more than once unless you internet pals accidently delete the
message, we wouldn't want them to miss out on this great offer.

To compensate you for your hard work, we are going to send you a $50 dollar gift
certificate redeemable in any store nationwide. This is not a joke, it will be your
loss if you don't send this to 13 PEOPLE.

Thanks again!
Michele Cordova
Founder of Bath & Body Works

Editors Note: It is technically impossible to track forwarded email
and no company does business this way.

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