Anna Cohen Letter

Is the Anna Cohen letter true — or is it an urban legend or hoax?

Anna Cohen letter

Dear Friends,

My name is Anna Cohen and I live in Albany New York. My daughter Liz recently
had a baby girl named Jada 2 months early. Jada has many problems with her heart
and lungs and medical costs have become extremely expensive. Jada was recently moved
to a hospital in California and the move was very expensive. A billionaire in California
has promised to give $.05 for every time this email is forwarded. If you wouldn't
mind forwarding this to everyone on your list I would greatly appreciate it as well
as my daughter and little Jada. This could save a life. Please have a heart and forward

Remember: What goes around comes around.

Thank you,
Anna Cohen

Editors Note: "It’s ridiculous to assume an anonymous benefactor
would be kind enough to want to underwrite the cost of a child’s care yet heartless
enough to insist upon making the amount of such help dependent on something as frivolous
as Internet participation. If there really were such a person, he’d just write a
check for whatever amount was needed."

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